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The USA-Buyers e-Procurement Marketplace solves major challenges faced by both buyers and vendors — how to find each other and then seamlessly do business together.

A vital procurement tool, the USA-Buyers e-Procurement Marketplace makes it easy for vendors to register and keep their up to date information in front of buying entities who are looking to locate your company and communicate bid opportunities via phone, fax, mail, email.

Vendors receive email notification of bid information based on commodity and service codes they select.

Vendor registration takes from five to ten minutes based on the amount of codes selected. Buyer registration takes no more than five minutes. The software is very user-friendly with no vendor training needed and 30 minute online training for Buying Entities. Buyers can discover new vendors and communicate bid opportunities within minutes, while vendors increase their exposure to additional Buying Entities at the right time “when they are ready to buy”.



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Fayette County Public Schools- School system located in Central Kentucky


logo_alt_68Housing Agency Marketplace – Marketplace for housing authorities from all over the country to locate vendors and publish bid notices online. The marketplace is fully compliant with the applicable HUD rules and regulations.



Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG)- Urban county government located in Central Kentucky




Economic Engine not only provides Lextran with an expanded listing of vendors who may be interested in our procurements, but it also greatly reduces the amount of time that is spent in the administrative tasks related to our formal procurements. The submission of questions from interested vendors, the publishing of addenda, and the publishing of award announcements are all tasks that can now be administered easily and quickly. By utilizing Economic Engine, we also have a better idea of what the attendance will be at our pre-proposal conferences as well as how many proposals we might expect to receive for any given procurement.

Keith Srutowski, Director of Purchasing, Lextran

The Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government(LFUCG) purchasing division relies heavily on Economic Engine to provide our online procurement presence. The system allows us to easily post and distribute bid, quote and proposal requests to our 10,000 plus suppliers. With an annual budget of over $300 million and 3000 employees, Economic Engine has allowed the Division of Central Purchasing staff of eight to focus on cost savings and best value procurement instead of the clerical work required to distribute bid documents. Economic Engine plays a vital role in our effort to improve the efficiency of our government.

Todd Slatin, Director of Central Purchasing, LFUCG

Economic Engine has helped our bid process in so many ways. We have saved the amount of paper we used to use and have reached so many more vendors than we did before Economic Engine. Using Economic Engine has also allowed us to communicate with our bidders and potential bidders seamlessly and with ease of tracking for an easy paper trail

Matt Moore, Purchasing Technician, Fayette County Public Schools

Buyer FAQ


Q: I’m always hearing how E-commerce is going to streamline my purchasing processes. What does that mean? Law defines my purchasing guidelines. How can I use your marketplace?

A: Streamlining a process is simplifying that process. If you are spending government monies, you generally have purchasing guidelines. You most likely have to post Requests through one method (legal news, newspapers, on-line etc), and analyze the information. There’s probably a second method for receiving the information and then another method for awarding the business. Our system will allow you to do all three, simply and easily, without having to get up from your desk. If you are a private company then you may not have specific rules to follow however you still will be able to save time and money by the ease of contacting multiple bidders along with the potential savings that could occur through increased competition.

Q: How can your marketplace save us money on our purchases?

A:There are four main ways our marketplace saves our clients’ money on purchases. The first way is to reduce the administrative costs printing, copying, mailing, and handling of each bid request. The second way to save money is by reducing advertising costs in the long run. You need to follow your local, state or federal laws regarding advertising bids, however as the internet becomes more acceptable to your lawmakers, that may change the way you have to advertise or the consistency. The third is the actual communication between buyers and vendors once the bid has been published. The software allows for communication and evaluation processes that cuts a buyers time on any one bid by a minimum of 25%. A fourth is direct purchase price savings. By sending out your requests to a larger and more diverse vendor pool, increased competition may drive down bid prices resulting in lower direct product and services costs.

Q: I work for a small buying entity. How would I benefit from using the USA-Buyers e-Procurement Marketplace?

A: You will have access to a wider and more diverse vendor database that may drive your costs down through increased competition. You will also have online tools that will allow you to help expedite the way you now purchase. It may only be used for larger capital expenditures which don’t happen that often, but when they do you will be able to take advantage of the marketplace to help find what you need at the best price in a short time period.

Q:My buying entity chooses vendors on a service and quality basis only. How can your marketplace possibly help?

A:The USA-Buyers e-Procurement Marketplace will give you a larger and more diverse pool of vendors than you can contact on your own. They will see your request and respond based upon your request requirements. A greater pool of vendors allows you to pick the firm that best fits your needs.

Q: Who pays for the use of the marketplace?

A: Registering as a Bronze Buying Entity is free. You will have access to all of the vendors registered, including all of their up-to-date company info, contact info, website and email address. You as the buyer may elect to pay a yearly licensing fee to actually publish bids to multiple vendors at one time. We feel very comfortable that the marketplace will prove its value when utilized. The marketplace is designed to allow all buying entities and their vendors to save money whether it is through speed of bid information, marketing dollars, or evaluation time on both sides. It will be easy for you to document the time savings and potential hard dollar savings by using the marketplace properly. If you don’t realize a savings in time and money during the first year, then you have the choice to not use the marketplace in the future, but still take advantage of the vendor database at no charge.

Q: We are a large buying entity that has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in the implementation of an ERP software system, and after much time and effort we have the system functioning the way we need it to. We put all of our requests into this software which then tracks PO’s and payments. Can the system be set up so our buyers don’t do double the work when they use the USA-Buyers e-Procurement Marketplace?

A: Every Buying Entity can immediately access the browser based marketplace and start taking advantage of the large vendor database at no charge. Ultimately though, to totally eliminate buyers doing double work, we can integrate your current software into the USA-Buyers e-Procurement Marketplace allowing specific fields and information to be passed back and forth between each system. It would work like this: You initially utilize the marketplace and make the decision that you wish to use it for the majority of your purchasing needs. Make a request in email form to Customer Support for an evaluation to be done for integrating our software to your back end system. Once the evaluation is done, we will submit an integration proposal to you at the lowest cost possible.

Vendor FAQ


Q: I already receive bids from this buyer via fax and mail. Why would I want to use this marketplace for my company?

A: There are many potential reasons. One is to never miss a bidding opportunity from your existing customer. Have bids opportunities sent to you via email, allowing you to be away from the workplace and still view and respond in a timely fashion. Secondly, responding to bids with the old-fashioned paper base requires postage, paper, etc. With the click of a button, you will now be able to respond immediately if they ask for online response, if not you will be able to quickly let them know you will respond, might respond, or that you are not interested. You will also have the ability to receive bid opportunities electronically from buyers you have never done business with, so it is a marketing tool. Just as they switched to fax machines for communication 25 years ago, this upgrades the speed, efficiency and outreach of their procurement opportunities by using the internet.

Q: My business is small and I only do business within a small geographic area. Why would I join this marketplace?

A: First, remember that you pay no communication fees to do business with one buying entity. The only fees you may pay would be if you elect to advertise your company as being able to do business with more than one buying entity at a time and receive those bid opportunities via email, instead of having to login and view them weekly. Next, you must understand that your buyers may save significant dollars in mailing, printing, copying and handling costs by utilizing the USA-Buyers e-Procurement Marketplace. “Business as Usual” is being redefined.

Q: My Company has joined other E-commerce networks in the past. What we found was joining was a waste of our time and money! What makes this marketplace any different?

A: The costs associated with this marketplace make it so all size buying entities can utilize this marketplace as a bidding tool when they elect to do so. The buyers also have free access to your company information. When the buyers are ready to publish bids to multiple vendors we show them how easy and efficient of a tool this software can be. We feel it is much more user friendly than other E-Commerce sites you may have used. We make sure we listen to our vendors as well as our buyers when suggestions are made to improve the marketplace for all concerned.

Q: My Company is not very computer literate. Will we have any trouble learning the marketplace?

A: This marketplace was built with the computer novice in mind. If you’ve ever bought or sold anything on-line: you can use this marketplace. Should you have any questions, call customer support at 1-866-526-9266. We are available from 9 A.M.EST – 4 P.M. PST Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) to answer any questions you may have.

Q: Our Company has over 100 branch offices throughout the United States. Does your system require each of them to register separately, or should we consolidate the bid requests through our corporate office.

A: Our marketplace makes no requirements that each branch sign up individually. That being said, the answer to your question is that it depends on how your company does business. If you employ a national account manager strategy, the consolidation approach may be the best option for you. If, however, each office is responsible for sales in a geographic location, it may make sense for each office to sign up.

Q: I am a very busy salesperson and I don’t have the time to check the USA-Buyers e-Procurement Marketplace site each day to see if a new request has been published that I may want to bid on. I’m afraid I’ll miss some business opportunities. How can the marketplace help me?

A: The USA-Buyers e-Procurement Marketplace can take care of you in this regard. When you register on the marketplace, one of the questions you are asked is what commodity codes that you want to receive email notification about. Then, depending on the level of communication you select, every time a Buyer has a request in your chosen bid categories, you will receive an email directing you to view the opportunity.

Q: We spend a lot of time, money and effort on marketing our company. Now, you tell us that any company that signs up as a vendor in the marketplace will know all the bids we know about. It doesn’t sound fair to me.

A: As we all know, price is just one component of a purchasing decision. If you are a proven vendor, with a great relationship with a client who chooses to utilize this marketplace to save time and monies, this will just become a communications and marketing tool between your company and that buyer. On the plus side, your company may now be introduced to other buyers that you have may have not yet reached via your existing marketing campaigns. Once you get the new opportunity, you will have the ability to “sell” your companies products and services to a potential new buyer. We all know that most buyers like to work with companies that provide their needs on a timely basis along with a reasonable price, however most buyers don’t have an easy way of extending their outreach when new vendors are needed.

USA-Buyers e-Procurement Marketplace

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